Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90 Tuning options available (2002 to 2008):

  • Program the ECU yourself using BDM100 or MPPS

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Ford Focus

At HDI tuning we specialise in just the HDI engines, luckily ford use EXACTLY the same engine, so you can get one of our great remaps. This covers models from 2002 to 2008 fitted with the Bosch EDC16 ECU system.

Stage 1 Remap - HDI Tuning will take your 1.6 90 to 115BHP and 260Nm. Our stage 1 remap completely re-writes the control parameters of your turbo charger to give a smooth torque curve and also to protect your turbo from over boosting, that's what makes HDI Tuning's remaps different to the rest. You'll also get a slight increase in fuel economy.

Stage 1+ Remap - The stage 1+ remap requires a decat and ideally a free flowing exhaust system. This will give you 120 BHP and 275Nm of torque.

Stage 3 remap - Here we skip a step, as the typical stage 2 route is pointless on this engine as the turbo is just not big enough for more power than the stage 1+ Instead, we need to fit the turbo and the injectors from the 1.6 110 model. The turbo required is the Garrett GT1544V, the injectors use the code 0445110259.

Once both the turbo and injectors have been upgraded and the ECU software has been completely re-writen, your car will be able to produce 145 BHP and 290Nm of torque.

Dyno results -

Berlingo 1.6 75 PS remapped to 115 BHP

Ford Fiesta TDCI 90 stage 1+ remap to 121 BHP

Ford Fiesta TDCI 90 with 110 turbo and injector upgrade 145 BHP


If you want to use our online service, you'll need to use BDM100 direct to the ECU. We've produced a video guide HERE detailing the entire process.

Cost: If you want to use the online service with a BDM100 tool the cost is £150. It is possible to use MPPS however we recommend BDM100.


EGR Delete

EGR delete is actually quite complex on the 1.6 HDI. As the solenoid has several wires which join to other parts of the wiring loom, it can't be disconnected without giving lots of faults. For EGR delete a blanking plate is required and then the EGR software must be written out through a remap.

Cost: For us to fit the blanking plate and remove the EGR software the price is £50 on top of your remap price. For just EGR removal call for a quote.