Mini Cooper 1.6D remap options (2005 to 2010):


Stage 1 Power


Stage 1 Torque

Ford Focus

The Mini Cooper 1.6D 110 R56 model responds extremely well to a stage 1 remap. Not only do you get a massive amount of torque, you also get lots of top end power so you can keep pulling all the way through the rev range. Our online remapping service can provide a custom written tuning file with all parameters optimised, the software is written in house from your original ECU software.

Mini Cooper 1.6D Stage 1 Remap (DPF Friendly) - The mild stage 1 Remap is designed to be safe to run in unison with the DPF system fitted to your vehicle from the factory. This remap gives 135 BHP and 280Nm torque. Driveability is increased thanks to a much more useable torque range with continual power into the higher rev range. The DPF is kept safe by keeping the air-fuel ratio high and hence soot emissions low. We recommend this remap for newer vehicles with low miles. This option is great as it keeps your car completely standard.

Mini Cooper 1.6D Stage 1 + Remap (Roetfilter verwijderen)- The full power stage 1 remap from HDI Tuning will take your 1.6 110 to 143BHP and 290Nm. As the 1.6 HDI 110 comes fitted with a DPF system, it's important to remove this for the stage 1 + remap. Luckily, HDI Tuning Ltd have a safe and reliable solution which won't give future problems.

Wij hebben deze tuningssoftware niet alleen ontwikkeld voor optimaal vermogen, maar ook om binnen de veilige grenzen van uw auto te blijven. Denk hierbij aan uw dubbel massa vliegwiel en koppeling, en vooral niet te vergeten; de turbo.

Zodra een roetfilter verwijderd is, zal het drukverschil over het schoepenwiel van uw turbo toenemen. Daardoor zal de turbo significant eerder opspoelen. Onze stage-1+ tuning herschrijft de aansturingsparameters van uw VNT turbo volledig om dit drukverschil te benutten. Dit zorgt niet alleen voor een gelijkmatig koppelverloop, het zorgt er ook voor dat uw turbo zich niet zal overbelasten. De tunings van HDI Tuning zijn de enige die uw 1.6 HDI turbo beschermen. Hierbovenop verwijderen we de fouten uit het toevoegingssysteem. Het is dus niet nodig uw computer van het toevoegingssysteem te vervangen of de bijbehorende tank te vullen.

Kijk heir voor testbank uitslagen voor de 1.6 HDI motor:

Peugeot 206 GTI HDI 110 143 BHP

Peugeot 307 1.6 HDI 110 142 BHP

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90 with 110 turbo and injectors 145 BHP

Peugeot 206 1.6 110 with GT2052V turbo 210 BHP

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90 with 110 injectors and GT1749V 184 BHP

200 BHP 380 Nm TF035 Turbo 297 injectors 3 Bar MAP sensor

If you want to use our online service, you'll need to use BDM100 direct to the ECU. We've produced a video guide HERE detailing the entire process.

Option In Shop Service Post your ECU to us Online remap service
Details Complete drive in service including diagnostics and testing. Send us your EDC16 ECU for a remap and Roetfilter verwijderen Email us a read of your ECU using BDM100 or Kess V2
Price £200 £150 £99

We've found that DPF removal makes the 1.6 HDI engine much more reliable. Our reasoning for this is because the DPF stores a lot of thermal energy, so when you shut down your hot engine the turbo core takes a lot of this heat. With the DPF removed the turbo cools down more quickly and there is less chance for the oil to 'coke' and block the oil feed and the bearing. Of course it's important to service your engine regularly with good quality fully synthetic oil. We recommend every 6K miles.

Stage 3 performance tuning + upgraded turbo 200PK

A great option for the power hungry is a Stage 3 turbo upgrade. Here we've used the TF035 turbo with an electronic actuator from a BMW 2.0D engine. Along with uprated injectors, injtercooler, exhaust manifold and a 3 bar MAP sensor we can tune to 200 BHP and 380Nm of torque. Take a look at this great build by our partner company Crisp Tuning. Here Crisp have made a custom tubular manifold and downpipe making this Mini 1.6D extremely fun to drive.

EGR verwijderen

EGR verwijderen is behoorlijk complex bij de 1.6 HDI. De solenoid heft namelijk veel draden die verbonden zijn met verschillende delen van de kabelboom. Daarom kan de solenoidstekker niet zomaar losgehaald worden. Om de EGR toch te verwijderen, is het nodig om een afdopplaat te monteren. Daarna kan de EGR software verwijderd worden met behulp van aangepaste software.

If you're not sure if you require EGR verwijderen, please read here.

Looking for something more interesting?

How about a turbo upgrade. Here's a guide for a hybrid turbo upgrade good for 185 BHP.

We can also off custom mapping for a TF035 200 BHP setup for which we will soon have custom exhaust manifolds available.

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