Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI 70 Tuning options SID802/SID804/SID806 (2002 to 2008):


Stage 1 Power


Stage 1 Torque

Ford Focus

Stage 1 Remap - HDI Tuning will take your 1.4 TDCI to 90 BHP and 196Nm. This will make the car much more driveable; torque is increased through the entire rev range, and the engine will have enough power to pull at higher RPMs also. You'll also get a slight increase in fuel economy.

Our stage 1 remap is designed to stay well within the safe limits of your engine whilst making use of all the power available. For optimum performance you can upgrade the exhaust system and fit an intercooler. It's also possible to fit the TD02 turbo from the 1.6 8V engine, this is almost a direct fit with minimal work required.

Dyno print out 90.3 BHP 196 Nm

Cost: The online service is just £99, or you can post us the ECU for £150.

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